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(Date Ideas) Coffee and Cards

Grab a deck of cards or your favorite game and head to a local coffee shop. Spend a couple of easy hours at a bistro table sipping cappuccinos and playing round after round of Hearts or Phase 10. The easy recreation will keep the atmosphere light while the shared laughs and stories will facilitate a time of connecting.

*If you can’t get a babysitter that night and need to stay close to home, play outside on a patio table while sipping homemade drinks. A date-like atmosphere can easily be created by simply moving to outside of your normal routines.


Deep Cleaning Task

Clean off the top of your fridge.

Remove the unnecessary clutter and wipe it down with a damp cloth. And don’t forget to dust off the flour and sugar canisters you have up there!

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(Money Saving Tips) The Gift Tote

Once you enter the world of kid birthday parties and baby showers, it can feel like you are buying a gift every time you turn around.  Those last minute, mad-dash trips to the store are unduly stressful and costly.  All too often you settle for paying retail (because the party is in two hours) even though you saw that same item 50% off two weeks ago.

Enter the gift tote.

Go buy a large storage tote to stick in your closet. Be sure to avoid the clear totes so that your little ones can remain unaware of the goodies inside. Then, as a part of your normal errands and online purchasing, start to watch for deals on toys, baby items, gadgets and other gift potentials. Sometime you will have a gift recipient in mind and other times the purchase will be more general. Then store the purchased items in your tote. When you are in need of a gift,  simply go shopping in your own little gift stash. This idea has the potential to save you at least 25-50%.

*Tip – If you keep a budget, add a small category for these types of purchases. Plan to come upon these unplanned deals. $20 this month could save you $40 next month.


(Classic Play) Singing in the Rain

A rainy day can often mean restless kids and unspent energy. The next time the gray skies feel like they are closing in on you, embrace them and turn the day into a classic childhood adventure.  Open up a folding chair for yourself in the garage and let the kids run barefoot in the rain and splash in the puddles.  Even encourage them to keep their normal clothes on – let them run carefree and worry about the cleanup later. It is good for their little hearts to have times of play where they can be messy.

If the day is a little too cool or there is lightening present, still take the children out into the garage or onto the covered porch with you.  Sit on chairs or on the back of the car and just watch the rain fall and let the kids play in the covered area.  The beat of the rain and the roll of thunder are completely different experiences when you are outside. The extra sounds will provide stimulation for the kids and the fresh air will renew your spirit.