(Organization) Instant Closet Makeover

There are two cheap and easy steps that you can take to give your closet an instant makeover.

1. Streamline your hangers. You don’t have to spend a fortune on wood hangers to get a professional look. Simply changing out your hangers to be all one style and color, even if they are just wire hangers, will immediately give your closet an organized look. If you can’t afford to buy new hangers, even arranging the hangers by style or color will create a similar effect.

2. Sort your clothes by color. You can take this a step further by dividing your clothes into groups by type of clothing (i.e. winter, summer, dress, etc.), then sort into the color pattern for each group.

Your closet will look instantly more organized, it will be easier to find items, and the clothes that you do have will suddenly take on a new appeal. Try it. You won’t be disappointed.

One comment on “(Organization) Instant Closet Makeover

  1. Sara Parsons on said:

    This works! My closet has been driving me crazy since I got married. I pretty much took any hangers I was given, so it was jumbled mess. I arranged the hangers by style and put specific styles with specific types of clothing and now my closet is beautiful. Thanks for the tip :)

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