(Crafts) Tissue Paper Craft

tissue paper craftThis is a craft that can easily be adjusted for kids of all ages.

colored tissue paper
a blank piece of paper (type and color of your choice)

Cut the different colors of tissue paper into 2″-3″ squares. The squares do not have to be neat or exact. Have the child crumple the tissue paper squares into little balls and glue them onto the blank piece of paper. They can do this free form or they can choose to draw (or have you draw) a light sketch onto the paper for them to fill in with the tissue paper.

*Tip – Older children can make more detailed pictures my making the tissue paper into smaller, tighter balls. For younger children, it might be helpful to use slightly larger, less crumpled squares so that they are able to cover more area quicker.

One comment on “(Crafts) Tissue Paper Craft

  1. Katie @ Cheep Ideas on said:

    This is so bright and fun! Think I’ll have to do one with my son later this week, he’d love it! I’ve included this post on my “Tissue Paper Crafts” roundup today. Thanks for sharing!

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