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(Healthy Living) Expeller Pressed Oils

Most oils, such as canola and vegetable oils, that you find on your grocer’s selves are solvent expressed. This means that the oil was removed from the source through a combination of heat, pressure, and chemical extraction methods. However, not only does this process introduce the oil to impure additives and chemicals, but it also decreases the quality and health benefits of the oil.

Expeller pressed oils are extracted by a machine that presses the source, removing the oils, without added heat or chemicals. The yield is not as high (about 60-75%), and the machines are more expensive. This naturally translates into a higher priced product, however the benefits are certainly worth considering.

oilHere are some of the top benefits of using expeller oils:

  • no chemical residue in the oil
  • they evaporate less and are not as volatile, allowing you to use less oil
  • lower cholesterol levels
  • no trans fats
  • less likely to become damaged and rancid during the extraction process (due to exposure to heat), thus increasing the storage life of the oil
  • lower saturated fat levels
  • higher in Omega-3 fatty acids

Expeller pressed oils are the most likely to be found in a health food store or in the health food section of your grocery store. They can often be purchased at a lower price online or through local co-ops.

*Tip: Store your oils in the refrigerator to help further extend the storage life of the oils and to prevent them from becoming rancid.

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