(Just for Mom) Bedtime Mix-up

pjsIt has been one of those days.  Meltdowns, whining, sibling quarrels. The kids’ bedtimes can’t come soon enough, but it isn’t even dinnertime yet.

There are a lot of benefits to bedtime routines, but some days mixing things up a little can be enough of a distraction to reset the mood. So the next time you are faced with one of these evenings, try doing bathtime and putting on pajamas before dinner. This calms the mood a little and avoids the need for doing bedtime prep when everyone is the most tired. It also sets the tone for doing low-key evening activities like cuddling up with some books, playtime in the bedrooms, or even watching a bit of TV.

A little bedtime mix-up just might be what everyone needs.

One comment on “(Just for Mom) Bedtime Mix-up

  1. Hey, I’m not a mom, but that sounds like a good idea. I’ll file it away for future use as a dad. :)

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