“Not Me” Monday

We all have those days…or weeks. “Not Me” Monday was created by MckMama to give us an outlet to laugh at our own imperfections. Will you join me? When you are done here, you can head over to her blog and read about what everyone else has “not” been doing.


It was not me who was using 409 All-Purpose Cleaner this week to kill ants in my kitchen…or this entire season. I would have laid out a professional, or at least an effective, long-term plan.

I always purchase food in reasonable quantities, so it was not me this week that purchased 18 boxes of granola bars.

It was not me that procrastinated for weeks before calling to withdraw my son from preschool for the fall. Once I make a decision, I never second-guess myself or mull over every.other.possible.scenario (that I have already considered ten times each).

I always eat healthy snacks. So you would not have found me baking a can of Pilsbury Orange Rolls for myself during the kids’ nap time. I would never!!!

And last but not least, it was not me that managed to melt my son’s favorite toy trucks and tractors in the oven. If his favorite thing to play was with these toys on a cookie sheet with rice, I would never temporarily stick the tray in the oven when company was coming over. Especially not in light of my son pleading for me to not melt his tractors. I wouldn’t brush him off and tell him that I would never do such a thing. After doing this a numerous times, I most definitely would not accidentally preheat the oven with the tractors still inside. That would break my son’s heart and I would have to hear him say over and over in between tears to, “Please Mommy, next time don’t melt my tractors.” That was not me.


What did you not do this week?

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