(Organization) Canning Jars

Some of the most beautiful and admired home decor is also practical. Look at a Pottery Barn magazine. The charm is found in the uncluttered layouts that are created through practical organization (and that single bouquet of flowers on the table).

Canning jars have a lot of potential organizational uses and can simultaneously add charm and color (from the contents) to any room . Office supplies (crayons, pens, paperclips, staples, rubber bands, etc), Sewing supplies (buttons, spools of thread, safety pins, zippers, etc.), Bathroom items (cotton balls, cotton swabs, bath beads, hair clips, etc.) and kitchen supplies (beans, rice, sugar, oatmeal, measuring spoons, etc) are all potential ideas for use. And no matter where you set them out or line them up, they add a simple charm.


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