(Organization) The Library Bag

You are headed out the door to run errands and are trying to get everybody out the door dressed, fed, bathroom breaks completed and……the library books gathered. Usually, though, I can’t even remember what books I’m looking for, let alone all of their hiding places (wedged in the couch cushions, mixed in with the family book collection, hiding in one of the kid’s beds, or becoming acquainted with the family dog).

The Library Bag will remove stress from your life that has become an old friend. Pick a simple canvas bag to be the designated book holder. This bag has two places that it can be at any given time: the car or its corner by the door. The books are free to leave the bag as anybody wills, but they need to be returned to the bag after the reader is finished. It will take a little bit of time (and lots of help from mom) to get everybody used to the routine, but eventually it will become just that – routine.

As an added help to you, leave the book receipt from the library in the bag at all times. That way it is easy to do a quick inventory check before leaving for the library.

Make leaving for the library as easy as picking up the bag.

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