(Crafts) Craft Inspiration

img_4747Sometimes the best craft inspirations can be found right under our noses.

Chances are that your kids have a few favorite books that they like you to read to them…over and over and over. Or maybe there is a book that you want to introduce to your kids; a classic or one that teaches a timely lesson.

Bring that book to life for your child by using it as the inspiration for a craft. With many classic books, preconceived craft ideas are readily available via the internet. For example, Samuel and I were talking about the letter “F” in school today. I chose a fish theme for the day and thought of the “Rainbow Fish” book series. When I did a brief Google search for “Rainbow Fish craft”, I immediately found the idea for the craft you see pictured, as well as a free fish printable that we used as our starting point. Samuel was thrilled! He got to do a fun craft and was excited to discover the relationship it had to the book we reading.

So the next time you are looking for inspiration, your bookshelves just might hold the treasure you are looking for.

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