(Just for Mom) 5 Minutes

If you haven’t noticed, once you become a mom, most of your time is no longer your own. It isn’t exactly a 9-5 job where you get evenings and weekends off. And especially during certain seasons of your life, true breaks can be hard to come by (not to mention the ability to go to the bathroom in peace).

Getaways, Mom’s Night Out, dates with your husband, or an occasional movie are all significant breaks that provide refreshment to a mother’s soul. For the days and weeks, though, where those breaks are not an option, learn to look for 5 or 10 minute opportunities to be alone. Savor them and let the quiet wash over you. Take a hot shower on the weekend when your husband is able to watch the kids, opt to be the one to return the movie to the store, pick up takeout, or simply go get the mail.

Realize the value in a few quiet moments alone and just breathe.

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