Library Fail

This morning I woke up feeling ambitious with aspirations of being an active and involved mother. So I decided to pack up my kids and take them to our library’s story time. We live in a small suburb, so our library isn’t anything grandiose, but for the most part, I kind of like it that way. Especially the part where they have very minimal late fees.

It was raining (again), but we managed to get inside despite many complaints about getting wet. See, I’m really not “pro-umbrella” now that I have children.  Everyone always seems to get more wet when I use an umbrella than when I don’t because of my inability to juggle babies, the diaper bag, pushing a stroller or cart, locking up the van, and attempting to keep everybody dry. The last time I used an umbrella, Samuel nearly pulled my pants down several times in the middle of the parking lot because I could not pry him off of my leg . Anyway.

We walk into the library, wet, only to find the kids section is closed due to a leaky roof. There were repairmen working inside the enclosed space, along with a group of workers who were dressed in something just short of hazmat suits wiping off the books. Weird. So, Samuel was intrigued, but then rather distraught when he realized that he had to return his Clifford video and was not able to go into the children’s area to get another. I was relieved to hear, though, that the story time was still scheduled.

See, I was all excited that I was presenting my children with such a classic and educational activity. However, that ideal was short-lived. Samuel insisted on sitting with me instead of on the rug with the other children, which was fine with me. However, we were not completely through the first of three books when he was begging to go home. Frustrated, I tried to engage him in the activities and stories, but he just sat back further in his chair and looked at me like I was crazy as I sang “5 Little Ducks”, without the kids, along with the librarian. Kaelynn was mildly amused.

So I tried for incentive #2: craft time. Samuel loves crafts and I thought sure he would be thrilled with that story time event. However, he was again insistent that he did not want to participate, although he did eventually get involved when he saw that they were decorating pretend cakes.

All in all, though, the morning was not exactly the hit that I was hoping for. So now I am left debating the merits of repeating attendance until the kids become comfortable enough to enjoy it or cutting our losses and just playing the backyard next time.

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