“Not Me” Monday

We all have those days…or weeks. “Not Me” Monday was created by MckMama to give us an outlet to laugh at our own imperfections. Will you join me? When you are done here, you can head over to her blog and read about what everyone else has “not” been doing.


First of all, it was not me that embarrassed my husband last week with my “Not Me Monday” post about the breast pump in our kitchen cabinet. I’m always a very discreet person.

I am also always very prepared. Especially when the necessary preparation is obvious. It was not me, then, that packed up my family for a day of outdoor community service on a very rainy day without a single hat, jacket or article of clothing that would protect us from becoming drenched. Not me.

I am known as being a very decisive shopper, as I also mentioned last week. Therefore, it was not me that spent an hour in Victoria’s Secret this week simply try to assemble a mix-and-match panties purchase. You either like something or you don’t. So that would be ridiculous.

Above all, I always learn from my mistakes. So it could not have been me that preheated the oven with a brownie pan (with half-eaten contents and a plastic lid) inside. After my horrible experience of melting my son’s tractors in the oven, I would never again think about using the oven as temporary storage. And it wasn’t my empathetic son that tried to offer comfort throughout the day by saying, “Mommy, I’m so sorry that you melted your lid in the oven. I know it is so sad.”

What did you not do this week?

2 comments on ““Not Me” Monday

  1. Sandy Hop on said:

    Love it!!! Great post!

  2. Jennifer on said:

    OH your son is so sweet! I am also always super prepared…especially when my husband cleans out my van and all of a sudden I don’t have anything we need! :o) The van as storage? No way!

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