(Organization) The Box System

My heart for this blog is to present ideas, inspiration points, and attainable applications that you can integrate into your life one concept at a time. Most systems, however wonderful, cannot be maintained long term simply because change happens. We move into a new phase of life, our needs change, and our children grow older. In light of that, I strive to write about ideas that are not system-based. Instead, you can combine them, tweak them, and arrange them in a way that works for your life; ultimately creating your own systems.

All that being said, there are a few ideas that I write about here that I do consider to be foundational systems. Know that if I present and then build on a system concept, that I believe it can be integrated into almost anybody’s life at any point in time. They create order and stability and, even more importantly, are systems that can change and grow with your life.

img_4192The Box System is one of them. It is a concept that is simple, expandable, maintainable, and can dramatically simplify your life. It revolutionized my own home management and organization.

To begin, go to a store, such as Target or Wal-Mart, that has consistent lines of storage containers. (Note: Discount stores are much more likely to vary their lines over the years.) Choose the line of boxes that you would like to use in your home. The cheaper lines work just as well! The key is consistency. This allows for easy stacking and the look of a professional organizer (even if the boxes were only a couple of dollars each!). As you grow your storage system, you will come to learn the box sizes that you use the most. My personal favorite is the 12 quart size, but I also use a lot of the 6 and 20 quart or an occasional larger size.

Use these boxes to organize your closets, toiletries, office supplies, and especially the toys in your home. If, for example, you are organizing toys, you can have a box for play food, one for blocks or puzzles, toy tools, Legos or action figures. The more that you can contain in boxes, the less cluttered your house will become. Even things like hair clippers and attachments, magnets, cookie cutters, thank you notes and other cards, miscellaneous cables or cords, and your collection of old letters can at last find a defined and easy-to-locate home in the Box System.

After you have filled your boxes, stack them in your closets, under beds or on bookshelves. The clear boxes allow you to be able to quickly scan and locate a particular box and picking up becomes a much more defined chore. If a particular set of items begins to outgrow its box, simply transfer the set to a larger box and reuse the smaller one for something else.

Clutter is less about individual items, and more about their placement (or lack thereof). You will be amazed at the peace that a few boxes can introduce into your home.

Note: The Box System can be introduced into your home very gradually. Just purchase a box or two each time you are at the store. Don’t overwhelm yourself with trying to create an overnight organizational makeover. Let it happen one box at a time. A few months from now, you will be amazed at the difference.

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