(Parenting) Decision Opportunities

Teaching our children how to make wise choices is a complex challenge that we face daily as parents. We work to equip them with decision-making strategies, an understanding of long-term consequences, a sensitivity to others who img_3974are affected by their decisions, and try to help them develop a moral foundation for them to draw from. This process becomes increasingly complicated as the child grows older and most solutions are not black and white.

No matter the child’s age, though, the foundation for making big decisions is laid in the small decisions of every day life. It is where the child develops confidence, learns stratgeties, and can test their wings, all with you standing nearby. From the parent’s standpoint, it is rarely convenient to allow or encourage this development. It is time consuming, inefficient, and messy. But it is worth it.

Be on the lookout for oportunities where you can let your child be the one to make decisions. If needed, narrow the options or possible solutions to keep decisions at a level where they won’t become overwhelmeed and can experieince success. This is a simple way to help them pour a foundation on which they can build.

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