The Letter “F”

We are several weeks into our school year now, but last week was the first time that I was more intentional about my activity planning (partially due to being unorganized and partially due to just recently getting the rest of my curriculum in). The letter “F” was our theme for the week and I had fun putting together a collection of activities. It wasn’t anything extravagant, but both Samuel and I had a lot of fun with it. Here is a sampling of what we did:

Handwriting Without Tears is our handwriting curriculum this year, so we started by practicing printing our f‘s.

We read some of the Rainbow Fish books and did a simple, but corresponding craft


…we did counting, addition, and subtraction equations with goldfish…


…we read the Bible story of how Jesus fed the five thousand with just five loves of bread and two fish and discussed how that related to the upcoming food distribution and community outreach we were taking part in…

outreach outreach2

…and (Samuel’s favorite) we made a fishing pole and went couch fishing for reading words that began with the letter “f“.


All in all, I think that Samuel had a fun time and he certainly did fabulous on all of his activities.

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