(Breath of Life) In His Presence

When you look over your life and your interactions with God, what are some of the moments that stand out to you? What are some of the times when you most clearly felt God’s presence or that you most clearly heard from Him. Was it when you were singing? Writing? Hiking? Painting? Driving? Playing the Piano? Cooking? Making flower arrangements? Jogging?

Sometimes interaction with God flows the most easily when you are being active; doing something that you love or something creative. It is in those moments that we step outside of our expectations and rules, and we move past our critical thinking skills and our own knowledge.

Don’t assume that your time with God is limited to a quiet time. While time in the Word is so important, He has given you passions and gifts so that He may be glorified in your life. When you are using those gifts, you are in His presence. Find Him there.

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