(Home Management) A Completable “To Do” List

There are infinite ways to set up a “To Do” list. Categorized, prioritized, or itemized. However you organize it, a “To Do” list increases productivity. It brings direction, focus, and intentionality to your day.

“To Do” lists can also be overwhelming. When we begin to fill our lists with “could do” items (a.k.a. “ideals”), the lists can become impossibly long. When you feel overwhelmed with your “To Do” list, it has already lost its effectiveness. There are only so many things that you can accomplish in a day and your daily “To Do” list needs to reflect that.

How many tasks could you easily accomplish today? Five? Seven? Ten? Make your list completable. Find a number that you are not overwhelmed by and make your list.  If you complete your list with time to spare then you can create a second list that is completable within the remaining time. However long it is, the list should free you emotionally and mentally to focus on the tasks that you deemed important enough to make the cut. The endless list of ideals can wait.

What will you accomplish today?


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