“Not Me” Monday

We all have those days…or weeks. “Not Me” Monday was created by MckMama to give us an outlet to laugh at our own imperfections. Will you join me? When you are done here, you can head over to her blog and read about what everyone else has “not” been doing.


It was not me this week that took my kids for a doughnut treat before church on Sunday. If it had been me, I wouldn’t have fallen for the cute pumpkin doughnut, complete with cute little eyes, nose, and mouth. I would definitely have realized then and there that even the smallest amount of black icing is a very bad idea. Especially when combined with kids in church clothes. So, I did not turn around in the car to see Samuel like this….


I did not then proceed to bathe my child with diaper wipes. Nope, not me.

What did you not do this week?

4 comments on ““Not Me” Monday

  1. the inadvertent farmer on said:

    Ohhhh No!

  2. Summer on said:

    Hey! Your Not Me Monday was great! I found out the hard way about black icing when 3 of my 4 boys EACH got a mini cake and it had that icing on it! It was everywhere!! I wanted to share with fellow MckMama readers a new blog that I have created. I’m going to be doing some great giveaways in the near future, so if you go to my blog and follow it, you can be part of the fun! Thanks so much!!


  3. Tamara on said:

    Hahahah….I don’t think I’ve ever eaten black icing, so good to know!

    Feel free to stop on by:


  4. Thank goodness for diaper wipes!! My son had a black mustache last night while decorating Halloween cookies! Happy MOnday! :)

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