(Organization) Kids’ Keepsakes

Her first painting. The outfit she was brought home from the hospital in. Her favorite teddy bear. A lock of hair from her first haircut. Her 1st place spelling bee ribbon.

These keepsakes are invaluable, to both you and your child. They are treasures to be cherished.

Yet when they are mixed in with all the other toys, pushed under the bed, crammed into the closet, or even when too many of these items are accumulated, these precious items are no longer treasured and certainly not protected. They eventually get broken, thrown away, or lost. In short, they become clutter.

Buy a medium to large storage tub for each child to contain their own little treasures. It will help preserve the condition of the items as well as the magical sentiment that they hold. As you look at potential keepsakes and watch your stash of treasures grow, it may also free you to get rid of items where less sentiment is attached.

In later years, or maybe even currently, your child will love to dig through their little treasure chest and either listen to the stories that you have to tell or renew their own memories. It is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Tip: If you find that your child starts to consider everything a “treasure” to be saved (this most frequently happens with artwork), keep a smaller box to temporarily hold the items. The child will be satisfied that you are keeping their treasure and you can sort through the artwork, by yourself or with the child, several months later. The passing of a little bit of time will reveal the true treasures.

One comment on “(Organization) Kids’ Keepsakes

  1. MommaRuth on said:

    I gage what stays and what goes by what can fit in my scrap book. However, I see that a kid would like thier own treasure box. Great idea!

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