(Parenting) Completely Present

It is so easy to get lost in our to-do lists, whether they are written or mental. And it isn’t even always that we are accomplishing so much, but more about how our minds and spirits become completely wrapped up in what we need to do or what we are failing to do. When this happens, we slip into a highly task-oriented mindset and often neglect relational interactions, especially with our children.

Now, tasks need to be accomplished. That is just a fact of life. Phone calls need to be made, the house needs to be cleaned, bills have to be paid. Our days are full. However, when we are interacting with our children, we need to turn our full attention onto them whenever possible. When they ask you a question, make an intentional effort to turn and look them in the eye. Or in the moment when you sit down to read or play with them, be completely present in that moment. Enjoy the interaction, answer their questions, squeeze them a little bit tighter, tickle their toes, or simply absorb the moment. This doesn’t take any more time from your day. It is simply a state of mind.

Frustrations occur when there is a conflict in goals, whether it is between people or within yourself. In the moments when you are able to be completely present, you will find so many of your frustrations with your kids melt away. In that moment, you have one focus, one goal: to be interact with and love your child. You can focus on being completely present and intentional about your to-do list in then next moment.

In whatever you do today, be completely present. Absorb the moment and apply yourself. Life is so much more than a to-do list.

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