(Cooking) Crepes

Crepes are often viewed as a delicate gourmet dish, but they are actually no more difficult to make than pancakes. They are simply bigger and are made from a thinner batter. Crepes make a fabulous breakfast, brunch, or even dinner. You can fill them with berries, bananas, cream cheese, applesauce, or even just butter and cinnamon sugar or a dab of melted chocolate. However or whenever you serve them, they are a fresh and light dish.


3 T butter, melted
2 c milk
6 eggs
1 c flour or GF Flour mix*


Melt butter. Add milk and eggs. Beat with a whisk until mixed. Add flour and beat until smooth.

Pour one ladle full of batter onto a lightly buttered skillet over medium heat. Cook until the top side is mostly dry or the bottom side is lightly browned. Flip and cook the opposite side until it is also lightly browned.

Remove from the skillet and fill with desired fillings. Top with confectioner’s sugar or cinnamon sugar if desired.

*Gluten free flour mix: 6 c. brown rice flour, 2 c. potato starch, 1 c. tapioca starch

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