“Not Me” Monday

We all have those days…or weeks. “Not Me” Monday was created by MckMama to give us an outlet to laugh at our own imperfections. Will you join me? When you are done here, you can head over to her blog and read about what everyone else has “not” been doing.


My husband and I did not make up a batch of brownie mix with the sole intent of eating the batter straight out of the bowl. We always eat properly.

My son knows that you should always pee in the toilet, so it was not me that overheard (too late) my son educating his cousin on the ins-and-outs of peeing in the yard. My son is always the one setting a good example.

And I did not allow the kids to pull out all of our DVDs to keep them occupied while I got something done. My kids do not stay occupied longer with non-toy forms of entertainment.

What did you not do this week?


One comment on ““Not Me” Monday

  1. Elizabeth on said:

    Your kids are precious, even if they are tearing those DVDs apart!

    Don’t feel bad about the brownie batter… I may or may not have done the *exact same thing* this weekend with a batch of oatmeal raisin cookies!


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