(Family Acitivities) High/Low

Relationships are built on conversations, whether they are big or small.

Over dinner, have each person give their high point and low point of the day. This gets conversation rolling and it also gives you a unique insight into each person. You learn about the things that are important to them and how they are affected by various situations and they learn the same things about you.

*Tip – Remember that the more transparent you are with your kids, the more transparent they will be with you.

One comment on “(Family Acitivities) High/Low

  1. I love your tip, Amy. This is so true. Have you read Scream Free Parenting? One of the “Scream Free Parenting Facilitators” talked at Moms Together at Fellowship this morning. It was a wonderful presentation. I’m looking forward to reading the book. Kinda unrelated, but your tip reminded me of it. :)

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