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(Healthy Living) Garlic Oil

Ear infections. Those two words can make the strongest mother shudder. If you have been up in the night with your hurting baby who is crying hour after hour, you know exactly what I mean. Antibiotics certainly don’t fall under the “ideal” category, but even the most idealistic parent can succumb when seeing their child in such pain. But what if, as long as the infection was not severe, there was an alternative treatment? Or even a preventative?

Garlic OilGarlic oil is a fabulous alternative treatment option. It is famous for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, thus addressing some of the main concerns in ear infections. By putting just a couple of drops in each ear several times a day, the infection is addressed as well as the pain. It can also be used as a preventative, and can be helpful if, for example, you have a child who you know is prone to ear infections after colds.

Some infections can grow too intense and need to be treated by a doctor, but you can continue to use the garlic oil in conjunction with antibiotics.

The only real disadvantage of using garlic oil is that your child will smell a bit like Italian food. But if that’s your worst problem, then you can just make spaghetti for dinner.

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