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(Home Management) Toy Rotation


Toys are wonderful things. They can stimulate creativity, provide entertainment, and have the potential to enrich the childhood experience. But there can be too much of a good thing. Has your child ever come to you, complaining of boredom and dramatically declaring that there is nothing to do? But when you look around, the floors are littered with numerous sets of toys, half-worked puzzles, and mismatched games. Toys that you and grandparents spent lots of money on! How can they be so ungrateful?

As adults, we are (largely) aware of how our workspace impacts our state of mind, ability to work effectively, and our level of creativity. When there is too much in front of us that is demanding our attention, we can become paralyzed or ineffective. Where do we even begin? I felt this way about cleaning my house just today!

It is the same way with our kids. While variation in their toys can have a positive impact, unorganized quantity can render them useless. Even though play is different than work, our minds function similarly in both scenarios. The less that is immediately in front of us demanding our attention, the more focused we can be on the task at hand, allowing our minds to exert energy on depth instead of surface management.

When it comes to toy organization, the best place to start is with a simple box system, a concept that I have written about previously. The boxes enable you to easily store the toys in a variety of locations such as in closets, on shelves, under beds, or in the attic. The next step is to implement a toy rotation. Every few months, rotate out the toys from deeper storage into storage that is readily accessible to the kids. Then encourage them to only get out one or two boxes of toys at a time. This allows them to be completely focused on the play at hand. When they decide at some point that they want to move on to the next activity, clean-up expectations are clearly defined: return the first activity(s) to their boxes before taking out another.

You will quickly find that the toys take on a new life, as well as an increase in your child’s attention span and creativity. And all it took was a few little boxes.

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