(Just for Mom) Mental Health Day

Sometimes you have one of those weeks. It can be due to a buildup of stress, family issues, a core event (or sequence of events), or even just a teething baby. The cause matters little. What does matter is being aware of your limits. When you’ve reached it, no amount of pushing or “fixing” or analyzing will remedy it. You have simply reached your limit and true productivity ceases.

When that happens, give yourself a mental health day. No expectations, ideals or analyzing. Just be. Relax, do minimal chores, rent a movie, answer only the phone calls that you want to answer and lay to rest whatever you have been thinking about. It will all still be there tomorrow. Today is for you. Your sanity.

When you acknowledge your limits and let yourself rest, you will be stronger tomorrow as a result.

One comment on “(Just for Mom) Mental Health Day

  1. MommaRuth on said:

    Ohhh man! We had a week like that last week! Yikes!

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