(Photography 365) Introduction

With the new year, I’m adding a new element to my personal blog portion of Ideals to Life. I call it “Photography 365″. The concept is that I take a picture a day to photo journal my way through the year. This will be my second year to take on the project, but my first year to share it with you.

Last year this little project completely changed the face of my photography. First of all, the daily practice gave me a great opportunity to increase my skill level. But the best part was that it completely cast photography in a whole new light for me. I began to see beauty in the day-to-day: Samuel making his first peanut butter sandwich, a storm rolling in, playing a board game, or trying a new recipe. It has also given me a way to laugh at impossible moments like the time Samuel removed ALL of the books from his bookshelf, Kaelynn sitting in a pool of drinkable yogurt, or the wet diaper that my dog shred all across the floor. It is these little moments that make up our life. So this year, I hope you enjoy walking through the day-to-day with me and maybe see your own life in a new light.



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