(Family Activities) Treasure Box

Our lives are made up of happenings, big and small. Event the smallest events can be significant and defining.

Many events have some sort of token associated with them: bulletins, newspaper clippings, ticket stubs, pictures, keys, a lock of baby’s hair, a hospital band, or a small piece of brick from the new house you built. These small tokens can hold big memories.

Designate a special box to hold these little treasures from the life of your family. At the end of the year, make it a special family event to go through your little Treasure Box and relive some of the defining moments of your year. What events were significant to your family? Where were your happiest memories? What tokens do you hope to be adding next year?

There is magic in the Treasure Box. It can turn simple tokens into priceless treasures.


Tip – At the end of the year, transfer your year’s treasures into a year-labeled box (see box system) and repeat.

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