(Photography 365) January 28-31


January 31 – After one last fun morning together, my friend and I headed back to our home states. I had introduced her to Shipley’s over the weekend (my favorite doughnut shop ever) and we stopped by on our way out of town to pick up some of the delectable treats for our families.


January 30 – Day three of scrapbooking! Here you get a glimpse of my friend (top)and me (bottom) with our hotel room setup!


January 29 – Day 2 of scrapbooking! I love developing a vision for a page and then watching it come to life. Like with photography, it is one of only a few activities that I can completely lose myself in.


January 28 – Due to a substantial front of winter weather headed in our direction, my friend and I made the decision to leave a day early for our weekend of scrapbooking together. Our goal was to make it into town before the participation began to fall. This is what the winter advisory forecast looked like as I prepared to leave early this morning.

Photography 365 – 2010

Photography 365 Introduction

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