Getting Started

Ideals are inspiring and powerful. They remind us to keep striving for something better and to improve upon ourselves. They can also overwhelm us when we don’t meet their high demands.

This website is about turning ideals into reality a little bit at a time.  I encourage you to not look at all the ideas presented here as a list of ideals to attain, but to just look at the one in front of you.

That one tiny idea.

An idea for each subcategory is posted only one time every one or two weeks, giving you time to test, tweak, and integrate it into your life. You can make one change in your life, to your attitude, habits or routine. You can do one craft with your child, clean that one spot in the house, save that one dollar, show love to your spouse in that one way, or take that one moment to just breathe. Life is not about what you haven’t accomplished or what you should accomplish. It is about living, growing, and loving. Walk with me, day by day and moment by moment, as we together bring our ideals to life.