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(Deep Cleaning) Medicine Cabinet

Taking vitamins and supplements on a routine basis is a challenge to keep up with, especially when you are orchestrating it for the entire family. The key is to keep the process as intuitive as possible. Simple decluttering and organization is the first step. Spend a few minutes this week cleaning out your medicine cabinet. Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. Get rid of expired medications and supplements.

2. Discard items that you no longer use.

3. Separate medications from nutritional supplements.

4. Further divide into adults’ and children’s groups.

5. Store your regularly used supplements at the front of the cabinet where they can be easily accessed.


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(Deep Cleaning) Pre-Christmas Toy Purge

The month before Christmas is a perfect time to do a toy purge. The biggest reason is because kids are often more willing to part with their junk old toys when you tell them it is to make room for their new Christmas presents.

So one day this week when you don’t feel like braving the cold or the crowds for last minute shopping, spend a couple of hours doing a toy purge. Have one bag for trash and then another bag for toys to donate. A couple of hours spent now can save your sanity after Christmas.


Tip: Don’t make your ambitions for this project so great that it is overwhelming and you don’t do it at all. If you only have an hour to spend on the task, then adjust your expectations accordingly. This does not have to be a complete toy organization overhaul. A brief, high-level toy purge can make a HUGE difference.


(Deep Cleaning) Steering Wheel

steeringwheelWhen we try to avoid being exposed to too many germs, we often think about places like shopping carts, ATM machines, gas pumps, and public restroom doors. But if you have touched any combination of those places, your car’s steering wheel is probably just as bad.

Take a minute and give your steering wheel a good wipe down.

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(Deep Cleaning) Outdoor Toys

outdoortoysAfter a summer of fun in the sun, our once-shiny outdoor toys have lost their sparkle. Or maybe it is just hidden beneath the muddy hand prints. Whatever the case, if you are like me, their loss of appeal might lead you to just ignore them and leave them on the back patio for most of the winter. Here they endure more wear-and-tear from the elements and lose even more of their appeal as they attain the “unused clutter” status. Then by the time spring rolls around, the kids are less than enthused about playing with most of them or they are ruined, leading you to purchase more and start all over again.

On one of the few warm days that we have left before cold weather is here to stay, spend a couple of hours outside sorting and cleaning the toys. Some outdoor toys are short-lived and seasonal by nature, so go ahead and throw those out. Give the rest a good scrubbing or wipe-down and then put them away in the garage or attic for the winter. This will extend the life of the toys and remove the clutter from your backyard.

And the best part? When warm weather comes back around and you pull the toys out of storage, they will hold a fresh appeal to your kids and the adventures will begin again.


(Deep Cleaning) Answering Machine

Take a couple of minutes today and clear out your voice mail or answering machine. Messages have a way of accumulating. We don’t delete a message initially because we need some information from it or we think that it will provide us with a reminder if we leave it on the machine (Note: myth). If there is information that you need to save, transferring it to a written format is usually more effective.

Happy message deleting!

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(Deep Cleaning) Window Washing

windowsOur days of warm weather are numbered now, making it a good time to think about tackling some of those last seasonal outdoor chores. The upcoming weekend might be a good opportunity to do just that!

Washing the windows is a warm-weather chore that the whole family can take part in. And don’t spend a lot of money on cleaning products. A hose, a few towels and microfiber cloths, or even just newspaper and some water in a spray bottle is all you need to get the job done.

On the cold winter days when you are housebound tucked into your cozy home, you will have a whole new appreciation for your clean windows.

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(Deep Cleaning) Kitchen Counter Pile

There is a pile in everyone’s kitchen. You know, the one where mail is thrown, receipts from $1 purchases accumulate, and notes from img_3940school, last month’s magazines, kids’ artwork, and “I’ll get to that right after…” items are put. Most of us have more than one of these piles throughout our house, but there is invariably one on the kitchen counter.

Take some time this week to sort through and clear away that pile. Remind yourself of the counter space that lies underneath. I promise it is there!


(Deep Cleaning) Mixer

mixerOur mixers get a lot of love in the form of sugar, butter and flour. The obvious post-baking clean-up is fairly routine: clean the mixing bowl and the beaters. If you are like me, though, you probably don’t always give the entire mixer a wipe down after every use.

Take a damp rag, and maybe an old toothbrush, to your mixer this week. Dust off the flour, get the old cookie dough out of the crevices, and make it shine.


(Deep Cleaning) Lamp Shades

lampCleaning your lamp shades is your deep cleaning task for the week!

*Tip – Use a lint brush on your cloth shades and just a damp cloth on shades with a smooth surface.


(Deep Cleaning) Dining Table

diningroomVery few surfaces in our homes are cleaned as frequently as the table top. But when was the last time you cleaned the rest of the table? You know, that spot under the table where your child wipes his hands when you aren’t looking, the back of the chairs where sticky fingers have been, or that place on the table leg where spaghetti sauce dried on its way to the floor? And if you are like me, you might be surprised at how much dust has accumulated on the chair rungs.

So this week, take a few minutes and a damp cloth to those forgotten surfaces and make your table shine.