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(Classic Play) Educational Egg Hunts

Kids squeal about and beg to do egg hunts. There is great anticipation and excitement in the hunt. We must bear in mind, though, that a household can contain only so much candy. But if your kids are still longing to continue the hunt, then by all means encourage this classic activity. They are often happy to simply find eggs without anything in them and they might really enjoy hiding them for each other!

There is another option yet, though! You can do an educational egg hunt! Put a slip of paper into each plastic egg with an educational answer. It might be a math question or a word or a sentence for them to try to sound out. For even younger kids, you can have them say the name of a given shape, color, or letter. If you are feeling generous, you can put a penny into each egg and let them keep it if they get the answer right! You will never see your kids so excited about finding and answering educational questions.


(Classic Play) Hide the Thimble

My grandmother used to play a game with me that she called “Hide the Thimble”. The concept was simple – she took a thimble from her sewing desk and hid it in a specified room. The kids were then sent on the mission to find it.

Not being much of a seamstress myself, I don’t have a thimble in my house, but I play this game with my kids using other small objects. The kids pick a small toy or trinket from around the house and we take turns hiding and finding it. It is a fun and simple game (requiring very little energy output from you!) that kids love.

Tip: Younger kids can play too! Simply pick a bigger object to hide!


(Classic Play) Play Silks

A super hero’s cape. A play tent. A doll sling/doll carrier. A picnic blanket for a tea party. A wedding veil. A sling for a (pretend) broken arm.

What do all of these things have in common? They can be created out of a play silk: a lightweight and silky soft square of fabric dyed in vibrant colors of the rainbow. If you have not yet discovered this classic childhood toy with infinite imaginative possibilities, a quick Google search will open a new world to you.

Truly timeless, classic toys are toys that do not have a predetermined identity; the child has to create the identity. Legos, blocks and Play-doh are all great examples of classic toys that allow a child to develop a concept or vision in their mind and then watch it come to life by their own hand. This is an invaluable lesson for them to learn.


Play silks are a classic toy that hold endless possibilities for a child’s active mind. Who will they be? What adventures will they embark on? What will they create? Possibility is a beautiful thing.

Note: I will be posting later this week about a simple way to dye your own play silks…with Kool-Aid!


(Classic Play) Toy Catalogs

ToyCatalogsToy catalogs can flood our mailboxes during the holiday season. But instead of tossing them in the trash, turn this free resource into hours of entertainment for your kids! Set the catalogs aside and save them for your kids to look through. They will spend hours pouring over the pages and dreaming. Do you remember doing the same thing as a child? It is classic!

For an added activity with the catalogs, the child can cut out their favorite toys and glue them onto a piece of paper.

*Tip – Save these magazines for road trips or other times when quiet entertainment is needed.


(Classic Play) Paint with Water Books


When the weather turns cool, the kids can really start to miss outdoor water activities. Bring the water play inside with some Paint with Water books! It is a classic activity that many of us adults have forgotten and a mess-free craft that your kids will love!

Tip: These books also make great stocking-stuffers or birthday gifts for your kids’ friends. Add them to your gift tote!


(Classic Play) Couch Fishing

img_4733Summer or winter, couch fishing is always in season. It is a sure way to reel in a boat full of smiles.

There are many ways in which you can assemble a fishing pole, but one of the easiest ways requires only a wrapping paper tube, a few feet of string, and a clothes pin tied onto the end as a hook. Then be creative when it comes to the “catch of the day”. The kids can fish for prizes, new reading words on pieces of paper, or simple paper fish.

By positioning themselves on the couch, the kids can pretend that they are riding on a boat and drop their line over the back and into the imaginary water. All you have to do is help hook the “fish”.

*Tip – The “fish” provide a great opportunity to work in some educational concepts such as phonics, vocabulary words, or math problems!


(Classic Play) Charades

Charades is a timeless game that has so many developmental benefits. It encourages creativity, communication, active play, and imagination. Actual charades cards are now available for purchase. They can really help younger children with ideas of what to act out. However, they are not necessary! Either way, laughs and creativity will abound. After all, there is nothing quite like seeing mom try to slither like a snake.



(Classic Play) Dirt Discovery

Kids are drawn to dirt. Boys and girls alike can find the pull irresistible. Whether it is the simple pleasure of being dirty or the quest for treasure that lies just below the surface, us adults don’t always quite understand the appeal. Kids need those moments, though, to throw care to wind and become immersed in dirt play.

Look for, or create, a place with loose dirt in your yard that you can designate for the kids. Sandboxes are great, but are still a more defined form of play. Give them old tractors and dump trucks or even just plastic spoons. Turn them loose and watch the hours slip away.

Playing in Dirt


(Classic Play) Play-doh Food

Roll up your sleeves and dive into some Play-doh this week with your kids! Show them how to make Play-doh peas, pizzas, and cinnamon rolls. Pretend with them that you are preparing for a picnic or that you are a gourmet chef at a restaurant cook at McDonald’s.

Play-dohWhen you participate in your child’s play, even just occasionally, they gain great ideas for new forms of creative play or new ways of pretending. This in turn gives them tools and new ideas for when they play on their own!

Left to their own devices, it is wondrous to see the creative play that children come up with. However, don’t underestimate the value of special playtime with mom or dad. Some of the greatest life lessons are learned through play.


(Classic Play) Board Games

Candy Land Board games and classic childhood go hand-in-hand. This age-old form of recreation holds immense value. Playing a board game isn’t about being entertained, but about being involved and active. It stimulates the mind and provides the opportunity for interaction.

This week, pick a time to engage your child in a game of Candy Land, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, Sorry, Life, or Clue and pass on the classic childhood torch. Sometimes it is the simplest of activities that brings the greatest sparkle to the eyes of a child.