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(Just For Mom) Accessorizing

A chunky necklace. A scarf. Earrings. A couple of bracelets. Insignificant? Hold on.

Have you ever observed women you consider to be beautiful or well-dressed and then felt inadequate when when you look at your own plain blue shirt and ponytail? In order to follow in their footsteps, you would have to totally make over your entire wardrobe, get your hair done, actually purchase makeup, and then somehow know how to put it all together?!? Or do you?

You probably noticed that these women wore accessories, but it was most likely a passing observation as you took in the whole ensemble. Look again. There is something about accessories that effortlessly exudes confidence. They have the power to magically transform a plain t-shirt or jazz up your look without a major makeover.

So next time you feel frustrated when looking at your wardrobe or want a fresh look, add a splash of color with a few accessories. It might take you a little outside your comfort zone, but maybe that’s a good thing.