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(Date Ideas) Q & A

A date can be romantic, fun, and refreshing. It provides a time to focus on the two of you as a couple, your dreams, your goals, your relationship.

When all of the demands of life and kids are removed, though, sometimes we can find ourselves at a sudden loss for conversation topics. What do you talk about other than kids and work?? Here is a fun way to get the conversation rolling.

Take turns asking each other random questions. What is one place you would like to work if qualifications weren’t an issue?  What is one book you want to read this year? What is your favorite outfit that I wear? Where is one place in the world that you want to visit? Tell me one thing I did this last week that made you feel really loved? What character trait do you most want to be known for? No topic is off limits. The only rule is that you cannot reask a question that you have been asked.

Conversations don’t have to be deep to be significant. By asking simple questions like these, you will be amazed at how much you learn about your spouse of so many years…and how much you laugh.


(Date Idea) Dollar Date

After being in a relationship for any length of time, keeping dates fresh and creative can be a challenge, especially when you are on a budget. Here is a fun idea for a date that you can do with just a few dollars…

Go to a local store such as Target, Wal-Mart or even the dollar store (you might be surprised at the treasures you can find there!) and set a budget between $3-5 per person. Then explore the store together to find fun items that you can purchase with your cash. The only rule is that you can’t spend more than $1 per item!

Whether you find real little treasures or just a lot of laughs, it is a reminder that dates don’t have to be expensive to be fun.

Note: A local dollar store is a great option for those who find it challenging to stay away from the more expensive items.


“Not Me” Monday

We all have those days…or weeks. “Not Me” Monday was created by MckMama to give us an outlet to laugh at our own imperfections. Will you join me? When you are done here, you can head over to her blog and read about what everyone else has “not” been doing.


img_5181I am always fabulous about remembering to bring essential items. Things like diapers and camera memory cards. So it couldn’t have been me that left with the family for a day at a local pumpkin patch and farm without the diaper bag or a single backup diaper or me that packed the camera without a memory card inside. Nope! Not me!

My kids are always appropriately dressed. So it was not me that left my children in the same pairs of pajamas for 48 hours. I would never do that.

And it was not me that sat my baby in the bathrooms sink for her first haircut. How weird would that be?

What did you not do this week?


(Date Ideas) Hot Air Balloon Ride

It is so important in our marriages to find ways to incorporate romantic, fun and budget-friendly dates into our routine. Some occasions, though, call for an ultimate date. The next time you are planning for one of those  memorable events, consider taking the love-of-your-life on a hot air balloon ride.

There is something about soaring through peaceful blue skies, touching the treetops and riding in a woven basket under a brightly colored balloon….romance is intrinsic.

img_0245 img_0307

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Growing Independence

Samuel has been reaching a lot of independence milestones recently. Even though it sometimes reminds me to hug my little boy a bit tighter, it is so fun to see the joy and pride that he finds in these accomplishments. I am so proud of him. And I have to say, that the fact that he can now open the van door and buckle his seat belt by himself now has given me a whole new sense of freedom!

He can also…..

…get himself dressed….

img_3866 img_3868

…make his own sandwich…

img_3774 img_3785

…..and (a personal favorite) make his own bed!

img_3880 img_3884 img_3891

We started a chore chart with him for the first time last week and it has been a huge success. He is so enthusiastic, a hard worker, and extremely excited about working towards his goals. One of the chores that we put on there was helping to make his bed. He helped me the first day, although I remember him asking to do it himself. I blew him off, thinking that there was no way he could do it alone. When he asked again on Day Two, though, humored him and he ran off to his room with great excitement. I followed him a couple of minutes later to finish or perfect the task. The bed was perfectly. made.  So now he has the daily reward of being proud of himself for completing tasks independently and I am discovering a few of the perks of having an older child.

I love my boy.


(Parenting) Grumpiness

You woke up on the wrong side of the bed and are having a bad day. You were up too late the night before, greeted by too many demands first thing in the morning, and are just plain grumpy. Is it any wonder you have narrow margins with the kids, don’t feel like being social, or snap at your husband? If somebody demands a lot of you or jumps on your case for your bad attitude, does that magically motivate you to change your tune? Usually it just pushes you further into your grumpiness.

On days like this, sometimes you need a restart button. Or at least 15 minutes of quiet time by yourself to reset your attitude. Sometimes a hug, a few understanding words, or a listening ear is all that is needed to turn your day around.

Our kids have these days too. Sometimes there is an obvious reason for it and other times there isn’t. Yet instead of showing them compassion on these rough days and teaching them how they can effectively change their attitudes, we often become extra stern in our demand for obedience. The next time you see that they are having a rough day, don’t combat it with a harsh word. Gently pull them aside, give them a hug and say something like, “I see that you are having a rough day today. Do you want to spend a few minutes cuddling on the couch with me or spend some time by yourself until you are ready to try again?” Reflect their feelings back to them and show them that you are on their side. This gives them a chance to open up with you and, even more importantly, figure out for themselves what is bother them.

When you walk them through an attitude adjustment like that, you do much more than just avoid an unproductive confrontation. You equip them for life.


(Date Ideas) Work-out Date

Sometimes the best dates don’t involve roses and candle light dinners. Sometimes it is just being together, being active, and sharing life that gives your relationship the refreshment it needs.

For this date night, head to the gym. The workout will energize both your body and your relationship and the mutual recreation will remind you that marriage is about so much more than just daily tasks and management. Participating in recreation together tends to be especially significant to men, so make the effort to be active with him!

After your workout, spend some time cooling off and chatting over a fruit smoothie.

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(Date Ideas) Anniversary Gift Shopping

Turn your anniversary gifts to each other into your anniversary event! Instead of doing the traditional gift exchange, pool the money that you would have spent on the gifts and go shopping for a mutual gift. Purchase something that you both want! It could be something for the house, supplies for a mutual hobby, a new form of recreation, etc.

Do a little bit of dreaming together. This just might become your new tradition.


(Date Ideas) Dessert Discovery

dessertDates at home can be really fun, especially when chocolate and whipped cream are involved. I mean, could there possibly be a better combination than a date and chocolate??

Find a dessert recipe that neither of you have made before and embark together on a kitchen adventure. Enjoy the exploration, the laughs, the unrestricted taste-testing (since the kids are asleep), the mess, and the end-product (fabulous or flop).

Discover the sweetness of a simple, at-home date.


(Date Ideas) Progressive Dinner

Mix up the traditional dinner date night. Make it a progressive dinner!

Choose a different restaurant for each course of the meal: appetizer, soup/salad, main course, dessert. The trick is to choose at least three locations. We’ve all done dinner and dessert dates. Make this date memorable by doing something nontraditional.