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(Classic Play) Dirt Discovery

Kids are drawn to dirt. Boys and girls alike can find the pull irresistible. Whether it is the simple pleasure of being dirty or the quest for treasure that lies just below the surface, us adults don’t always quite understand the appeal. Kids need those moments, though, to throw care to wind and become immersed in dirt play.

Look for, or create, a place with loose dirt in your yard that you can designate for the kids. Sandboxes are great, but are still a more defined form of play. Give them old tractors and dump trucks or even just plastic spoons. Turn them loose and watch the hours slip away.

Playing in Dirt


(Classic Play) Play-doh Food

Roll up your sleeves and dive into some Play-doh this week with your kids! Show them how to make Play-doh peas, pizzas, and cinnamon rolls. Pretend with them that you are preparing for a picnic or that you are a gourmet chef at a restaurant cook at McDonald’s.

Play-dohWhen you participate in your child’s play, even just occasionally, they gain great ideas for new forms of creative play or new ways of pretending. This in turn gives them tools and new ideas for when they play on their own!

Left to their own devices, it is wondrous to see the creative play that children come up with. However, don’t underestimate the value of special playtime with mom or dad. Some of the greatest life lessons are learned through play.


(Classic Play) Board Games

Candy Land Board games and classic childhood go hand-in-hand. This age-old form of recreation holds immense value. Playing a board game isn’t about being entertained, but about being involved and active. It stimulates the mind and provides the opportunity for interaction.

This week, pick a time to engage your child in a game of Candy Land, Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, Sorry, Life, or Clue and pass on the classic childhood torch. Sometimes it is the simplest of activities that brings the greatest sparkle to the eyes of a child.


(Classic Play) Painting with Water

A small bucket of water and an old paintbrush. You would be amazed at how long two simple items can keep children occupied. For those summer days when you don’t feel like messing with swimming suits or messy activities, this is a perfect go-to activity. Encourage them to use the water to paint the driveway, brick walls, or the patio. You can add an educational twist by painting letters and numbers or, better yet, just let their creativity guide them.

The great outdoors is their canvas, no clean-up required.

Painting with Water


(Classic Play) Singing in the Rain

A rainy day can often mean restless kids and unspent energy. The next time the gray skies feel like they are closing in on you, embrace them and turn the day into a classic childhood adventure.  Open up a folding chair for yourself in the garage and let the kids run barefoot in the rain and splash in the puddles.  Even encourage them to keep their normal clothes on – let them run carefree and worry about the cleanup later. It is good for their little hearts to have times of play where they can be messy.

If the day is a little too cool or there is lightening present, still take the children out into the garage or onto the covered porch with you.  Sit on chairs or on the back of the car and just watch the rain fall and let the kids play in the covered area.  The beat of the rain and the roll of thunder are completely different experiences when you are outside. The extra sounds will provide stimulation for the kids and the fresh air will renew your spirit.