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(Cooking) Cooking Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes are a holiday staple. Who can imagine a Thanksgiving table without a bowl overflowing with the fluffy goodness??

Making mashed potatoes, though, is an involved and messy process. Scrubbing, peeling, chopping, boiling, mashing….and then all of the dirty dishes that follow! By adopting a slightly different cooking technique, you can efficiently remove the messiest and most time consuming steps.

Bake your potatoes (either in the microwave or oven) instead of chopping and boiling. After they have cooled slightly, scoop out the potato flesh with a spoon or gently pull back the peel with a knife. Mash the potatoes like normal, just add slightly more milk (This is because the potatoes do not absorb water during the baking process like they do when boiled). You will actually find the potatoes to be smoother and creamier than when made through boiling!

*Note – Making mashed potatoes this way also affords you some extra flexibility in timing! While you normally have to mash the potatoes immediately after boiling, it is much easier to keep baked potatoes warm until you are ready to mash and serve them.