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(Classic Play) Paint with Water Books


When the weather turns cool, the kids can really start to miss outdoor water activities. Bring the water play inside with some Paint with Water books! It is a classic activity that many of us adults have forgotten and a mess-free craft that your kids will love!

Tip: These books also make great stocking-stuffers or birthday gifts for your kids’ friends. Add them to your gift tote!


(Crafts) Wet Chalk Art

Kids often get a real kick out of doing an activity outside of the standard rules and guidelines. For example, chalk is usually an “outside only” activity. Mix things up today! The kids will love it. Here is a very simple craft that brings this outside activity indoors.

Construction Paper


Lightly wet a piece of construction paper. Let the child color on the wet paper with chalk.

To create an extra smooth application of the chalk, you can also dip the piece of chalk into a shallow bowl of water before coloring.

img_3298 img_3303 img_3313


(Crafts) Marshmallow Madness

Miniature marshmallows and toothpicks. Need I say more??

Let the fun begin!


Follow my family’s marshmallow adventures here!

*Tip: If you let the marshmallows set out for a few hours prior to using them, they will harden slightly and give a more solid structure to the marshmallow and toothpick tower.


(Classic Play) Play-doh Food

Roll up your sleeves and dive into some Play-doh this week with your kids! Show them how to make Play-doh peas, pizzas, and cinnamon rolls. Pretend with them that you are preparing for a picnic or that you are a gourmet chef at a restaurant cook at McDonald’s.

Play-dohWhen you participate in your child’s play, even just occasionally, they gain great ideas for new forms of creative play or new ways of pretending. This in turn gives them tools and new ideas for when they play on their own!

Left to their own devices, it is wondrous to see the creative play that children come up with. However, don’t underestimate the value of special playtime with mom or dad. Some of the greatest life lessons are learned through play.


(Crafts) Tissue Paper Craft

tissue paper craftThis is a craft that can easily be adjusted for kids of all ages.

colored tissue paper
a blank piece of paper (type and color of your choice)

Cut the different colors of tissue paper into 2″-3″ squares. The squares do not have to be neat or exact. Have the child crumple the tissue paper squares into little balls and glue them onto the blank piece of paper. They can do this free form or they can choose to draw (or have you draw) a light sketch onto the paper for them to fill in with the tissue paper.

*Tip – Older children can make more detailed pictures my making the tissue paper into smaller, tighter balls. For younger children, it might be helpful to use slightly larger, less crumpled squares so that they are able to cover more area quicker.

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(Crafts) Melted Crayon Art

Here is a new use for all the broken crayons you have lying around: melted crayon art!


Peel the paper off of the crayons. Light the candle and hold a crayon above the flame for 2-3 seconds or until it starts to melt. Then quickly move the crayon over the paper. The child can choose to do a drip collage (picture below) or press the crayon onto the paper to draw a picture of their choice.

*Tip – Set aside a small jar, box, or bag that is dedicated to storing your broken crayons. This keeps your main crayon box tidy and saves your broken crayons for this fun rainy day craft!

melted crayons