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(Date Ideas) Work-out Date

Sometimes the best dates don’t involve roses and candle light dinners. Sometimes it is just being together, being active, and sharing life that gives your relationship the refreshment it needs.

For this date night, head to the gym. The workout will energize both your body and your relationship and the mutual recreation will remind you that marriage is about so much more than just daily tasks and management. Participating in recreation together tends to be especially significant to men, so make the effort to be active with him!

After your workout, spend some time cooling off and chatting over a fruit smoothie.

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(Date Ideas) Anniversary Gift Shopping

Turn your anniversary gifts to each other into your anniversary event! Instead of doing the traditional gift exchange, pool the money that you would have spent on the gifts and go shopping for a mutual gift. Purchase something that you both want! It could be something for the house, supplies for a mutual hobby, a new form of recreation, etc.

Do a little bit of dreaming together. This just might become your new tradition.


(Date Ideas) Dessert Discovery

dessertDates at home can be really fun, especially when chocolate and whipped cream are involved. I mean, could there possibly be a better combination than a date and chocolate??

Find a dessert recipe that neither of you have made before and embark together on a kitchen adventure. Enjoy the exploration, the laughs, the unrestricted taste-testing (since the kids are asleep), the mess, and the end-product (fabulous or flop).

Discover the sweetness of a simple, at-home date.


(Date Ideas) Progressive Dinner

Mix up the traditional dinner date night. Make it a progressive dinner!

Choose a different restaurant for each course of the meal: appetizer, soup/salad, main course, dessert. The trick is to choose at least three locations. We’ve all done dinner and dessert dates. Make this date memorable by doing something nontraditional.


(Date Ideas) Coffee and Cards

Grab a deck of cards or your favorite game and head to a local coffee shop. Spend a couple of easy hours at a bistro table sipping cappuccinos and playing round after round of Hearts or Phase 10. The easy recreation will keep the atmosphere light while the shared laughs and stories will facilitate a time of connecting.

*If you can’t get a babysitter that night and need to stay close to home, play outside on a patio table while sipping homemade drinks. A date-like atmosphere can easily be created by simply moving to outside of your normal routines.