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(Just for Mom) The Mommy Survival Kit

My husband jokes that our minivan is my over-sized purse. In all honestly, that’s not too far from the truth. Between the french fries under the seats and the stash of toys that constantly take over the space, we could probably effectively live out of the van for a week. Okay, well maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but I have intentionally set up the van to be our home-base away from home. Life happens, especially with kids around, and I want to be prepared.

Enter the “Mommy Survival Kit”. Purchase a soft-sided cooler and filled it with all sorts of items necessary for survival away from home. Most of the items are not things that you will need all the time, but when you do need them, there is no replacement. You can purchase most of your kit contents from the travel-sized product section of Target or Wal-Mart or the dollar store.


Here are a few ideas for items that you could add to your kit:

Scissors, tape, first aid kit, diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer, nail clippers, umbrella, makeup, calculator, pens, pad of paper, gum/mints, brush, comb, deodorant, mirror, travel toothbrush, sewing kit, tissues, Q-tips, sunscreen, hairspray, lotion, chapstick, stain remover pens, small tools, tape measure, granola bars or other packaged snacks, ziploc bags (various sizes), trash bags, travel games or other small toys, hair clips, etc.

Whether it is bandaging a wound, wrapping a present, touching up your makeup, or applying an emergency coat of deodorant, your Mommy Survival Kit will become your trusty side-kick when you are away from home.

*Tip – They also make great gifts!


(Organization) The Library Bag

You are headed out the door to run errands and are trying to get everybody out the door dressed, fed, bathroom breaks completed and……the library books gathered. Usually, though, I can’t even remember what books I’m looking for, let alone all of their hiding places (wedged in the couch cushions, mixed in with the family book collection, hiding in one of the kid’s beds, or becoming acquainted with the family dog).

The Library Bag will remove stress from your life that has become an old friend. Pick a simple canvas bag to be the designated book holder. This bag has two places that it can be at any given time: the car or its corner by the door. The books are free to leave the bag as anybody wills, but they need to be returned to the bag after the reader is finished. It will take a little bit of time (and lots of help from mom) to get everybody used to the routine, but eventually it will become just that – routine.

As an added help to you, leave the book receipt from the library in the bag at all times. That way it is easy to do a quick inventory check before leaving for the library.

Make leaving for the library as easy as picking up the bag.


(Home Management) Getting out the door

Some days, okay most days, simply getting out the door in the morning can be one of the biggest challenges you face. Everybody has to be appropriately dressed and fed, basic chores taken care of, shopping lists made, the car loaded with everything but the kitchen sink basic essentials, bathroom breaks coordinated, and snacks packed. And that’s just for a few errands. Then unless you are careful, or are superwoman, you get caught up in the never-ending cycle of snack/mealtime, potty breaks, and nap time.

A little bit of preparation the night before can have a huge impact on how your morning plays out. Some basic chores can be done ahead of time, your shopping lists can be made, outfits laid out, and your car loaded with those store returns and that bag you need to drop off at Goodwill. Since the kids are in bed, you will spend half the time completing these tasks. Preparations like this do double duty; your morning to-do list is significantly shortened, plus you are given a motivational morning boost because you are prepared and already know where to take your first steps (even though your coffee hasn’t kicked in yet).

Thirty minutes of nighttime preparation can change the tone of your whole day.