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(Family Activities) Pumpkin Patch

pumpkinsOutings to the local pumpkin patch are classic, classic, classic.

Bundle up your family and make an event of it. If you can, pick a pumpkin patch on a farm where they have other family-friendly events such as corn field mazes, hayrides, and animals. Make a day of it!

Then, pick out the perfect pumpkins and bring them home to carve or cook. As your day draws to a close, cozy up with your little family and pour the hot chocolate.

These are the things that traditions are made of.


(Family Activities) Fall Traditions


Have you found that memories come alive when the seasons change? Memories of events that happened during one of those first warm days of spring or during the first fall cold snap are brought to life by those weather changes in subsequent years.

This can make it a fun time of year to establish a family tradition. It gives the whole family something to look forward to and makes lasting memories that the kids will remember 20 years from now when they feel that first crisp, fall air. Take a family hike, work together to make applesauce or a special type of baked good, light the first fire in the fireplace and cozy up to have a traditional game night. Just remember, doing something that is special to your family and presenting it as an anticipated and exciting event is more important than coming up with an elaborate event.

What will your fall tradition be?