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(Parenting) Dollar Store Treasures

The joy found in giving is a life lesson that we all desire to impart to our kids and there is no substitute for first-hand experience. Christmas provides many teaching opportunities, one of which is right under your own Christmas tree.

The joy of giving comes to life in a child’s heart when they are able to give a family member a gift that is from them. One that they picked out, that they wrapped, that they were excited about giving, and that they handed to the eager recipient.

It can be hard, though, on our already tight Christmas budgets to add in another level of gift-giver funding, and depending on the age of the child, unrealistic to expect them to foot the bill. Younger children can also become frustrated by their lack of understanding the impact of price tags in a large store.

Take your child on their own little shopping spree…to the dollar store! Here everything is within budget. Your child can browse the aisles and find gifts for everybody on their list. With the ability to choose anything in the store, they are freed from restrictions and given lease for creativity. It is absolutely wonderful to watch them get excited as they find items that they believe fits what the recipient loves and then eagerly anticipate the giving of the gift. It is a simple opportunity that can bring the joy of giving to life for a child.

Tip: Be sure to choose a dollar store where everything truly is one dollar.