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(Classic Play) Hide the Thimble

My grandmother used to play a game with me that she called “Hide the Thimble”. The concept was simple – she took a thimble from her sewing desk and hid it in a specified room. The kids were then sent on the mission to find it.

Not being much of a seamstress myself, I don’t have a thimble in my house, but I play this game with my kids using other small objects. The kids pick a small toy or trinket from around the house and we take turns hiding and finding it. It is a fun and simple game (requiring very little energy output from you!) that kids love.

Tip: Younger kids can play too! Simply pick a bigger object to hide!


(Classic Play) Couch Fishing

img_4733Summer or winter, couch fishing is always in season. It is a sure way to reel in a boat full of smiles.

There are many ways in which you can assemble a fishing pole, but one of the easiest ways requires only a wrapping paper tube, a few feet of string, and a clothes pin tied onto the end as a hook. Then be creative when it comes to the “catch of the day”. The kids can fish for prizes, new reading words on pieces of paper, or simple paper fish.

By positioning themselves on the couch, the kids can pretend that they are riding on a boat and drop their line over the back and into the imaginary water. All you have to do is help hook the “fish”.

*Tip – The “fish” provide a great opportunity to work in some educational concepts such as phonics, vocabulary words, or math problems!


(Classic Play) Charades

Charades is a timeless game that has so many developmental benefits. It encourages creativity, communication, active play, and imagination. Actual charades cards are now available for purchase. They can really help younger children with ideas of what to act out. However, they are not necessary! Either way, laughs and creativity will abound. After all, there is nothing quite like seeing mom try to slither like a snake.