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(Family Activities) Pumpkin Patch

pumpkinsOutings to the local pumpkin patch are classic, classic, classic.

Bundle up your family and make an event of it. If you can, pick a pumpkin patch on a farm where they have other family-friendly events such as corn field mazes, hayrides, and animals. Make a day of it!

Then, pick out the perfect pumpkins and bring them home to carve or cook. As your day draws to a close, cozy up with your little family and pour the hot chocolate.

These are the things that traditions are made of.


(Classic Play) Dirt Discovery

Kids are drawn to dirt. Boys and girls alike can find the pull irresistible. Whether it is the simple pleasure of being dirty or the quest for treasure that lies just below the surface, us adults don’t always quite understand the appeal. Kids need those moments, though, to throw care to wind and become immersed in dirt play.

Look for, or create, a place with loose dirt in your yard that you can designate for the kids. Sandboxes are great, but are still a more defined form of play. Give them old tractors and dump trucks or even just plastic spoons. Turn them loose and watch the hours slip away.

Playing in Dirt


(Just for Mom) Social Networking….at the Park

may28When you are in a new town or a new phase of life, it can take a while to build a social network for yourself. And sometimes it is hard to simply know where to start. Options can feel abundant yet limited at the same time.

There is something magical about motherhood, though. You have an instant connection with other moms simply because you have both borne children. Maybe it is the leftover macaroni and cheese that you both have stuck in your hair, the mutual lack of sleep, or maybe it is how we see the same passionate love for our children reflected in the eyes of the other mother. Whatever the reason, potential connections now abound.

If you are feeling lonely or just having a bad day, pack your kids up and head to the park. Push your kids on the swings, help them on the climbing wall, watch them go down the slide or try their hand at the monkey bars. And chat with the other moms that are there. Some days you may make a lasting connection with another mom and other days it may just be a simple conversation in which you laugh about some of your kids’ antics. Whatever the case, the simple fellowship with another mom can help refresh your spirit…..and you had to go no further than the monkey bars.


(Family Activities) “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”

Do you remember the classic song, “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”, from the movie “Mary Poppins”? In the timeless movie, the family dances around the house and skips down the street, singing the jolly tune as they embark on their little adventure. The scene captures the beauty of engaging in even the simplest of activities as a family. The air is lighthearted and carefree. Even the parents are impacted. I love how the scene also teaches the great significance of parents interacting and playing with their children. You can setup the circumstances around their lives to provide them with opportunity and education, but without the time of interfacing with their parents, those opportunities are meaningless.

So set aside some time this week to be active as a family. Laugh. Play. Dance. Let’s go fly a kite.

kite flying