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(Family Activities) Community Outreach

outreachFamily activities don’t always have to be about entertainment or sightseeing. Sometimes the most impactful events revolve around giving.

Have you thought about looking for opportunities to serve in your community as family activities? You can take part in food distribution or soup kitchens, serve in nursing homes or the pediatric department of a hospital, help with home repairs, go on short-term mission trips, send care packages to missionaries or sponsored children. The possibilities are endless, but the best place to start is right in your own community. Get input from your children on where they would like to serve. Then go serve together.

outreach2What if our kids grew up where giving and serving came as second nature to them? What if they didn’t think twice about relating to people of different skin color, cultures, or economic status? What if they viewed serving others as the norm? What if they grew up understanding that the Body of Christ is to be mobile and active?  Can you imagine the impact that they could have on the world?

It all begins with what you do with them today.