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(Parenting) Concept of Time: Kids vs Parents

Kids have a very different concept of time than adults.

Adults are all about efficiency and practicality. If we do not have an urgent deadline, we manage to make it seem like there is one.  In contrast, kids find whatever is in front of them to be significantly more important than meeting any ol’ deadline. When they are asked to get into the car and buckle their seat belt, it may take them three times as long as you think is reasonable because they find a worm on the ground, an old cracker wedged between the seats, or they are simply lost in telling you a story of how their friend spilled milk on their shirt. While you may just be loading up for a morning trip to the grocery store, their childish dawdling can be frustrating.

Instead of demanding that they see life and time through your eyes, stop and take a moment to see life through your child’s eyes. Show excitement over their little worm discovery or gently move them along and help them buckle without shutting down their story-telling. Sometimes we need to acknowledge that our deadline is not really so important. In other cases, it is often possible for us to keep our kids on track for our necessary deadlines without demanding that they abandon their developmentally appropriate childhood mindsets.

When we hurry life along, we risk missing some significant moments with our children. What will you discover about life or about your child when you take a moment to see time through their eyes?