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(Cooking) Cooking Magazines

We all go through phases of being tired of our recipe rotation. Recipes that were once favorites and fresh can seem unappealing and bland after cycling through them too many times. Cooking becomes more of a mundane chore and you either come to dread it or spend more money eating out.

Cooking magazines are a fabulous way to spice up your menu. For less than the cost of one dinner eaten out, you can get an entire year’s subscription to a cooking magazine or two. This puts fresh new recipes and inspiring ideas in your mailbox every month. When you are menu planning, incorporate one or two of the new recipes into each week. Your recipe collection will gradually take on a new face and it will give you something to look forward to cooking. A few new ideas can have a big impact on dinnertime.


*Tip #1 - The “Cooks Country” magazine pictured above is my all-time favorite cooking magazine! Their recipes are always delicious and they walk you through (in an upbeat and simple format) the cooking experimentation process of most of the recipes so that you also learn technique! To start finding your favorite cooking magazines, spend some time in the magazine section of your local bookstore. You can also send off for a free trial of most magazines.

*Tip #2 – When you cook up a new family favorite, be sure to add the recipe to your file so that you don’t forget it!