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Growing Independence

Samuel has been reaching a lot of independence milestones recently. Even though it sometimes reminds me to hug my little boy a bit tighter, it is so fun to see the joy and pride that he finds in these accomplishments. I am so proud of him. And I have to say, that the fact that he can now open the van door and buckle his seat belt by himself now has given me a whole new sense of freedom!

He can also…..

…get himself dressed….

img_3866 img_3868

…make his own sandwich…

img_3774 img_3785

…..and (a personal favorite) make his own bed!

img_3880 img_3884 img_3891

We started a chore chart with him for the first time last week and it has been a huge success. He is so enthusiastic, a hard worker, and extremely excited about working towards his goals. One of the chores that we put on there was helping to make his bed. He helped me the first day, although I remember him asking to do it himself. I blew him off, thinking that there was no way he could do it alone. When he asked again on Day Two, though, humored him and he ran off to his room with great excitement. I followed him a couple of minutes later to finish or perfect the task. The bed was perfectly. made.  So now he has the daily reward of being proud of himself for completing tasks independently and I am discovering a few of the perks of having an older child.

I love my boy.