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(Healthy Living) Sugar and the Immune System

sugarIt is a fairly well known fact that sugar weakens the immune system. But did you know that it most strongly weakens your immune system for the first 4-5 hours after eating it?

Sugar is a fun treat in life and I personally cannot imagine life without a little bit of sugary goodness. However, especially during the cold and flu season, be choosy about when you consume sugar. Times when you are around a lot of people or exposed to more germs are some of the worst times to drink a soda or munch on candy. Instead, select a non-sugary drink on the airplane and encourage your kids to have more of their treats at home instead of at school.

Being mindful of your sugar consumption is a significant factor in your health; not just the amount, but also the timing.


Free Will and Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease

So, I’ve been wondering. Who came up with the name “Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease”?? I mean, beyond the common cold, illnesses and diseases are typically given long, unpronounceable, scientific names. I have long complained of that inconvenience, but I now have a new appreciation for it. Given, Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease is usually a result of the Coxsackie virus, but we don’t go around calling it “Coxsackie”. We call it “Hand, Foot, and Mouth”. I personally think that the the name sounds rather primitive. I mean, is it just me or does it sound like I am declaring that we eat off of the floor with our feet and live with the cows? Anyway. I digress.

img_2784That said, Samuel (my 4 year old) came down with Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease last Monday. The poor little guy had sores lining his mouth and tongue for a solid week. In fact, a week ago we were in the ER at the local Children’s Hospital due to dehydration. We could not get him to drink for anything. And trust me we tried. We had great sympathy for the pain that he was in, but we struggled as parents to feel like we should be able to effectively communicate to him the necessity of drinking something.

In the midst of that turmoil, though, I was reminded of how even Adam and Eve had a moment where they didn’t heed God’s warnings, and He is the perfect parent. He had warned them of serious consequences that would result of them disobeying, but he had also given them a free will.

Too often I find myself blowing past the ways that free will impacts my relationship with my children. I get caught up in my desire for absolute obedience and I forget that my job is to teach them.  If I fail to acknowledge in my parenting that my child has a free will, then I lose true effectiveness as a parent and fail to equip them for life. In day to day life, even when they are young, they are presented with decisions that only they can make. Am I going to listen to my mom when she asks me to pick up my room (even knowing the consequences of not obeying)? Am I going to eat my food or throw it on the floor? Am I going to read a book or draw a picture? Each decision has a consequence, good or bad. As parents, we have to walk our children through the process of learning how to make decisions and how to exercise their free will. It isn’t our job to control them, but to guide them.

The times when this is really hard as a parent is when they make the wrong decisions. While we may need to impose a logical consequence or have to stand by and watch them suffer through a natural consequence, we have to let go of the desire to control our children and remember that our role is to teach them and to walk with them.

We don’t always make it look pretty, but free will really is a beautiful thing.