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(Home Management) Two Day Activity Log

Do you ever have days where, as you crawl into bed, you wonder where your day went and what exactly it was that you accomplished? The hours fly by and at least most of the essential needs of family members were met, but it can become impossibly frustrating if you perpetually feel like you never move beyond that.

Try keeping an activity log for two to three days. You can do this by setting out a notebook and pen in an accessible location. When you walk by, quickly jot down your recent activities and the time spent on them. This is an exercise that requires a bit of a commitment, but the payoff is worth it. It can help you to pinpoint inefficiencies, wasted time, and places where priorities need to be readjusted.

You might find out that the essential needs of your family are just extra high in this phase in life or you might discover some significant points for readjustment. Whatever technical adjustments you make or don’t make, I think you will find that your log simply helps you to reclaim some peace and direction in your days.