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(Classic Play) Paint with Water Books


When the weather turns cool, the kids can really start to miss outdoor water activities. Bring the water play inside with some Paint with Water books! It is a classic activity that many of us adults have forgotten and a mess-free craft that your kids will love!

Tip: These books also make great stocking-stuffers or birthday gifts for your kids’ friends. Add them to your gift tote!


(Classic Play) Painting with Water

A small bucket of water and an old paintbrush. You would be amazed at how long two simple items can keep children occupied. For those summer days when you don’t feel like messing with swimming suits or messy activities, this is a perfect go-to activity. Encourage them to use the water to paint the driveway, brick walls, or the patio. You can add an educational twist by painting letters and numbers or, better yet, just let their creativity guide them.

The great outdoors is their canvas, no clean-up required.

Painting with Water